Food and Drink in Birkenhead Park

With so much to see and do in Birkenhead Park, you’ll probably need a break at some point. Many of our visitors bring their own snacks and drinks, and you’re most welcome to enjoy a picnic in the grounds. All we ask is that you take any rubbish home with you or put it in one of the many litter bins you’ll find around the park.

If you’d rather take the weight off your feet and take the opportunity to relax, we’ve got you covered there too. From snacks, drinks and ice creams, to sandwiches and light lunches, there are plenty of choices for visitors.

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Birkenhead Park Café

You’ll find our lovely café in the Visitor Centre, where the friendly team serve up a range of drinks, meals and snacks throughout the day. As well as indoor seating there’s also plenty of space to sit outside and enjoy the park’s beauty while taking your refreshment break. If you prefer to take your coffee ‘on the move’, that’s okay too – the café’s wide selection of hot and cold drinks are available for take-away. One of the most popular treats at the café is the wide range of fresh ice creams, which are available in many delicious flavours.

The cafe is open from 09:00 to 16:00, seven days a week.

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Ice Cream Van

Speaking of ice cream, there’s nothing more traditional on a hot summer’s day than a 99 from the local ice cream van. At Birkenhead Park, you don’t have to wait to hear the familiar jingle from the speakers to get your hands on one. There is an ice cream van parked outside the children’s playground most days of the year, come rain or shine. As well as the ever-popular Mr Whippy’s and 99’s, you can also get a range of popular pre-wrapped ice creams and lolly ices, as well as cold drinks.