International conference

The Genesis of the Green Infrastructure: the international diffusion of new concepts and design principles for public parks, 1840-1900

Little is known about how new concepts and design principles for public parks were disseminated in the nineteenth century, or how the green infrastructure developed from a planning and aesthetic perspective. The international conference on The Genesis of the Green Infrastructure, which took place between April and September 2022, greatly helped to answer those questions. Organised as part of Birkenhead Park’s 175th anniversary, it gathered speakers from around the world:

Dr. Kristof Fatsar (Kingston University London), Professor Daniel Nadenicek (University of Georgia), Dr. Jan Woudstra (University of Sheffield), Ass. Professor Theo Eisenman (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), Assoc. Professor Heidi Hohmann (Iowa State University), Professor Paul Elliot (University of Derby), Professor Sonja Dümpelmann (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Ursula Wieser Benedetti (CIVA Foundation, Brussels), Professor Robert Lee (University of Liverpool), Professor John Crompton (Texas A&M University), Professor David Bawden (City University, London), Elizabeth Davey (Wirral).

Each of the four online sessions addressed different aspects of the issue, thus covering  a large range of topics – please find more details on each presentation below: