Christmas Time at the Park


For the first time, Birkenhead Park held a Victorian Market in the week leading up to Christmas. The community event was set up to provide an attraction for locals and visitors to enjoy the Park in the festive season. A number of rustic chalets that sold various seasonal food, drink and gifts where set up around the Visitor Centre and children’s attractions were included as well, promising to be a fun day out for all ages. The Birkenhead Park Ranger team constructed a Christmas Grotto in the style of a Victorian Market street in the Visitor Centre itself, ready for Santa to come and visit! Santa’s Grotto was overall the highlight of the event generating a lot of traffic and smiles and forcing us to call him in for impromtu sessions!

The event as a whole was popular throughout the weekend, generating alot of money for charity through the various raffles and competitions we where holding and our team were extremely busy throughout to cater for so many visitors. Unfortunately, the event remained very quiet throughout the rest of the week, despite the best efforts of the team in the Park. We’d like to thank everyone who was involved with and contributed to the running of our Christmas Market. It is unlikely that we will carry out something so ambitious for Christmas 2017, but we will ensure that there is something available for the festivities!