Edward Kemp Community Garden and Growing Area Volunteering Day

We are delighted to announce that Professor Robert Lee has released his book on a detailed history of Birkenhead Park – Birkenhead Park: The People’s Garden and an English Masterpiece. This new book is the first critical, comprehensive history of the first publicly funded park, globally.


Birkenhead Park Book Cover

Professor Lee’s work establishes the significance through his research of the park, emphasising the how Birkenhead Park was a pioneer in the development of urban public parks, designed for use by everyone. Birkenhead Park was labelled “the people’s park” and the book further describes how irrespective of social class, ethnicity or age Birkenhead Park become the local green space for health and wellbeing, for all. Additionally, Professor Robert Lee’s book celebrates the creative genius and design skills present in Paxton’s original design of Birkenhead Park. His work identifies the Park’s significant contribution to the public park development and nineteenth-century landscape history on both regional and international scales.

The mayor, his wife and friends of Birkenhead Park presenting the book

The book is beautifully illustrated with 60 colour images, drawing on a wide range of contemporary material and the professional skills of local photographers.

Order your copy from Liverpool University Press through this link.

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The launch of Professor Robert Lee’s fantastic book was at Birkenhead Park visitor centre and was truly a beautiful event. With support from the Friends of Birkenhead Park and Liverpool University Press, Wirral Council and Birkenhead Park’s team were delighted to welcome attendees from across the country to celebrate Professor Lee’s exceptionally talented work.

Book release presentations

Birkenhead Park: The People's Garden and an English Masterpiece Launch Event

Wednesday the 1st of May 2024 .

Friends of Birkenhead Park presentation

Birkenhead Park: The People's Garden and an English Masterpiece Launch Event

Wednesday the 1st of May 2024 .

A group socializing after the book event

Birkenhead Park: The People's Garden and an English Masterpiece Launch Event

Wednesday the 1st of May 2024 .

Get involved with the Borough of Culture celebrations 2024, hosted alongside Luke Jerram’s ‘Gaia’ artwork installation.

We are looking for:

  • Cyclists/ cycle groups
  • Aspiring actors (no previous experience required)
  • Movement artists and community dance groups
  • Environmental artists and community groups
  • Singer songwriters and Choirs
An enlarged Earth replica floating artwork displayed in a forest with a crowded gathering

The Earth "Gaia" Artwork Installation Event

Organized as a part of the Wirral Borough of Culture 2024 programmed events, Birkenhead Park will feature the artwork “Gaia” created by the incredible UK artist Luke Jerram from May 28th to May 30th. The floating Planet Earth replica measures seven meters across its diameter and slowly rotates like our Earth, allowing everyone to enjoy the detailed view of the Earth’s surface based on the 120dpi NASA imagery.

'Gaia' Event Information

Borough of Culture Opportunities 2024

The pedaled Stephenson’s rocket replica.

28th of May - 30th of May 2024

Interested? The programme around Gaia is produced by outdoor arts organisation Walk the Plank.

Contact bev@walktheplank.co.uk more information.

We hope to see you here!

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Be a part of Borough of Culture 2024.

Get involved.

This programme around Gaia is produced by outdoor arts organisation Walk the Plank 

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Let It Grow, Let it Grooooow!

From 2022, Birkenhead Park is taking part in the annual “No Mow May” scheme in accordance with Plantlife’s national campaign. Across Birkenhead Park we have allocated a little over 18 acres of our grassland to grow longer throughout May, allowing our bees, butterflies and other pollinators, a chance to flourish at a crucial time.  We’ve signposted the areas of the park where this is taking place, but don’t worry – we’ve left plenty of areas for you to continue to enjoy and we’ll continue to maintain them as normal!

Want to do your part help with the scheme yourself? Simply lock up your mower for May and let your law grow some wildflowers.  Clink the link below for more information on “No Mow May."

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When out for your daily exercise in Birkenhead Park, why not make things a little interesting and take part in our scavenger hunt? Take a new route and see if you can find everything on our list in the park, take a picture and let us know how you get on!

Please remember to continue to keep your social distance from anyone outside of your household or bubble in Birkenhead Park at this time.


Stage 5 of the Tour of Britain raced through the park this week in what was surely one of the greatest events the Wirral has ever witnessed. Thousands of race fans, families and spectators turned out to support the cyclists and enjoy the festivities.

Birkenhead Park was incredibly proud to host this event, and we would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the staff, event team and volunteers, who made this a day to remember, without dedicated teams like these, events like this wouldn’t happen!


The Wooden Parliament is located behind the Visitor Center, creating a space immersed within the natural order of the park, and is open to the public.

It looks to articulate the way architecture can serve as a mediator between people and encourage the public to interact in a way they wouldn’t have before.

The brightly coloured structure is overtly patterned and covered in a series of enlarged wooden knots that follow the precise geometry of the pavilion, as well as a centrally placed disk which acts as a door.

The Wooden Parliament’ is considered a displacement of a private interior in a public space and inside rows of steps face each other to create platforms or seating to encourage debate, conversation and contemplation.

The Wooden Parliament is designed by Spanish architects Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Ga Grinda of the Madrid-based practice AMID.cero9, sponsored by the Spanish timber company Finsa, supported by Coal Drops Yard and organised by the Museum of Architecture.


Birkenhead Park’s Manager, and one of our Forest School Practitioner were cordially invited to be part of a ceremony honouring Doug Blonsky in New York City on May 2nd.

Doug is the President and CEO of the Central Park Conservatory, the non-profit group responsible for maintaining the park daily and which also raises 75% of the park’s annual budget.

The 36th annual Frederick Law Olmsted Gala paid tribute to Doug Blonsky who gave 33 years with the group that rescued the park from decades of neglect. Doug has also visited Birkenhead Park on several occasions, recognising that without Birkenhead Park, there would be no New York Park.

A squirrel Teddy bear holding a walnut in Central Park New York