Our Projects

Throughout the pandemic, Birkenhead Park has been a safe haven for both people and wildlife alike. Now, more than ever, we need your support to sustain and improve the park’s natural environment. Please help us by donating towards our ‘Rewilding Birkenhead Park’ campaign.

© Ron Thomas

A greener park

Help to plant trees in Birkenhead Park. Although there are more than 1450 trees in Birkenhead Park today, the tree stock has changed quite a lot in its 175 years of existence, and we do not have the number and diversity that there once was. Trees have multiple values for people and places: they help to reduce the impact of extreme weather events, they improve air quality, they provide a home for wildlife, as well as being essential to human health and wellbeing. Your support in helping us repopulating Birkenhead Park’s tree stock will greatly contribute to revitalise the park’s landscape for future generations, whilst making it more resilient to climate change.

© Paul Collinson

A colourful park

Help to add colour to your park. Historically, the park had more plants with colourful leaves and flowers. In the course of time, this aspect is not so evident today. Just as trees, flowers have amazing effects on our mental health: they help to brighten and uplift our mood and lessen our anxieties and worries. So, rather than giving cut flowers to your loved ones, why not ‘give’ living flowers to them instead by contributing to our bulb planting fund? You will be helping us to create wonderful seasonal displays of colour throughout the park for everyone to enjoy –as well as providing insects and bees with food.

Nuthatch © Paul Collinson

An inhabited park

Help us to encourage more wildlife to make its home in the park. Insects and animals enjoy spending time in distinctive habits. From resting to nesting areas, they need different habitats for different types of activity. There are far fewer good habitats for wildlife in our towns and cities and it is important that we do what we can to change that. By contributing to our Rewilding Birkenhead Park campaign, you will help us to turn the park into a more welcoming landscape for wildlife.

Wildflower trial area

Help us to provide a home for more insects and bees - our essential pollinators. In recent years, the lack of wildflowers has caused a dramatic decline in the number of butterflies and bees. By donating to our Wildflowers Fund you will contribute to developing a wildflower meadow on one of the underused areas of the park. Your support will provide a fantastic attraction to many butterflies, bees and other insects – a place for them to eat, shelter and breed.